Handcraft Hookbaits

Handcraft Hookbaits is a collaboration between two friends who have over 60 years of bait making experience between them.

Gavin Neal was the front man and product developer for a well known bait company for over a decade. During the last 30 years he has built up an impressive list of big UK carp by fishing around his busy family and work life.

The baits that Gav has produced in that time are renowned as high quality food baits rather than the bottom end cheap mass produced boilies so common today. Gav is a true believer in using the least bait possible, but of the highest quality. His results seem to prove this can be a very effective method.

Hooked on quality

The other half of the duo is an angler that was once described as having the biggest tally of UK 30’s in a single year but more importantly he has worked behind the scenes of many of the UK’s biggest bait companies.

Wanting to remain in the shadows for now, he was the original bait creator to use secretive ultra buoyant materials that now go into the best pop ups produced in the UK. This is where Handcraft Hookbaits have a major advantage in what varieties of liquids and powders we can use in our recipes.

We produce high attract, ultra buoyant pop ups, high food value wafters, pop ups and bottom baits as well as HNV style Barbel baits. Our entire bait range is made by hand in small controlled batches.

Providing quality hookbaits for anglers Nationwide.

Take a look at our range of exceptional quality baits which will keep your rigs sitting effectively and hopefully attract the fish of your dreams… as long as you cast it in the correct spot.

Good luck, we look forward to hearing your feedback