Handcraft Baits Boilies

Boilies from Handcraft Baits include our signature range – Nutriplex and K-2-0. Both baits are full of quality ingredients that carp find highly attractive. All of our boilies are made with fresh eggs.

The Herb

The Herb Boilies – A pure fishmeal boilie in a rich red. Loaded with fenugreek, garlic, active yeasts, Haiths Robin Red. This soluble boilie is very high in liver, and contains a huge ratio of hydrolysed fish proteins.

The flavour profile gives a spicy rich scent that is easily recognisable and addictive.


Nutriplex Boilies – a complex blend of nutrients, salts, minerals and attractors. This recipe has been tried and tested since the 90’s and contains all of the elements that carp need and like. It is high in protein and made using quality caseins combined with low temperature fishmeals and Haith’s CLO.

Loaded with GLM, liver, minamino and a distinctive fruit palatant, this soluble natural coloured boilie has accounted for some of the UK’s biggest carp.

K-2-0 Boilies

K-2-0 Boilies are made using the perfect ratio of bird food, fishmeals, milk proteins, spices and yeast.  Containing snail shells to improve calcium levels and salts within the bait.

Hydrolysed fish proteins, shrimp extract, liver, salmon oil and a creamy flavour note make the bait easily recognisable.

The Handcraft Baits boilie range is proving really successful on all types of water, visit our Facebook page to see our catch reports.

30lb Carp caught on K-2-0 Boilies

The Handcraft Baits Boilie range will soon include the The Herb which is a Robin Red boilie full of herbs, spices, low temp fishmeals, liver, vitamins and loaded with our special hydro liquid blend.